Licence not activated (Extensions)

I’ve updated to 5.0 - and I quite like it - but in my extensions panel, most of my extensions say “License not activated”. If I click the license icon - it tells me that “A customer account does not exist for this API Key.” And yet it does (or has prior to updating to 5.0)

I have:

  1. clicked on Validate MainWP Main API key (with success)
  2. Clicked on Install extensions
  3. Clicked on Activate Extensions (with no success)

Please advise…


Hey @daveb444, I had this issue on on of my test environments as well; Can you try to deactivate and reactivate extensions on WP > Plugins page & and try activate licenses again?

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Hi Keith,
I tried that with no luck.
I also tried deleting one of the extensions altogether, to see if reinstalling would do the trick. But when I go to “Install Extensions” it says “a customer account does not exist for this API key”.

But - when I click “Activate Extensions” it says “MainWP main API is valid!”

Thanks man…


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Hey @daveb444

We may need to refresh your Extension API key.

For that, we will need your email address or username.

Click on my name, and then Message to send me a private message with that information.

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We’ve refreshed @daveb444 's Extension API Key, and he’s informed me that it has solved the issue.

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