Lighthouse audit not working — doesn't list my sites in the extension UI, 'N/A' in the Sites UI

I’m new here (hi!), and it’s quite possible I’ve missed something daft, but…

As per the knowledgebase articles, I’ve installed the Lighthouse extension and added Google PageSpeed API key. I’ve tried the ‘Audit All Sites’ button and I get a modal with a progress bar and a list of my sites and it seems to be doing its thing. But then after the modal disappears… nothing.

In the Lighthouse extension interface:

In the Sites interface, all cells in the Lighthouse columns show ‘N/A’.

Can anyone suggest troubleshooting steps I can take to get the audit to work?

Hi @TechNoggin,

That is strange, can you check the MainWP > Status > Error Log page and see if there are some errors recorded?

Hi @bogdan.

The only error listed there is from November, as follows:

14-Nov-2021 17:23:36 UTC

WordPress database error Table 'dbmwwketilxgcg.oty_mainwp_wp_time_capsule' doesn't exist for query SELECT * FROM oty_mainwp_wp_time_capsule WHERE `site_id` = 0 made by do_action('wp_ajax_mainwp_extension_bulk_activate'), WP_Hook->do_action, WP_Hook->apply_filters, MainWP\Dashboard\MainWP_Post_Extension_Handler->bulk_activate, activate_plugins, activate_plugin, plugin_sandbox_scrape, include_once('/plugins/mainwp-timecapsule-extension/mainwp-timecapsule-extension.php'), MainWP_TimeCapsule_Extension_Activator->__construct, MainWP_TimeCapsule_Extension_Activator->activate_this_plugin, MainWP_TimeCapsule_Extension->__construct, require_once('/plugins/mainwp-timecapsule-extension/source/wptime-capsule.php'), MainWP_WPTC_Config->get_option, MainWP_TimeCapsule_DB->get_settings, MainWP_TimeCapsule_DB->get_data_by

Hi @TechNoggin

That doesn’t seem related to the reported issue, but for just in case, can you try to deactivate all plugins on the site instead of the MainWP Dashboard and Lighthouse extension and see if that makes any difference.
I would like us to exclude potential conflicts.

I think that you’re asking me to deactivate all plugins on my MainWP site, except for MainWP Dashboard plugin and the Lighthouse extension plugin? And then to try Lighthouse audit again.

Okay, I tried that. I clicked Audit All Sites again, and checked the Sites page again. No change, it is just as before — “No websites found” and “N/A”, respectively.

Hi @TechNoggin,
thanks for verifying that.

Would you mind opening a private Help Desk ticket so we can collect some additional information & investigate further?

Okay, thanks @bogdan — I’ve done that now.

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After further investigation, we found that the problem was on the Google Page Speed API side.
After readjusting the project settings, the audit process started working.

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