Lighthouse - initiate audit of single site?

I’ve just upgraded to Pro and installed the Lighthouse extension - now I want to initiate an audit of a single site… but I can’t figure out how to.

The KB page (MainWP Lighthouse Extension - MainWP Documentation) says:

Alternatively, you can use the Bulk Actions menu to audit only certain sites, or if needed use the Audit Site action from the site Action Menu to audit just one site.

But what “site Action Menu”? Where is that? There’s no “Audit Site” option in the Sites > Manage Sites > “…” menu, and the Extensions > Lighthouse list is empty.

Note: I want to try an audit of a single site - I don’t want to “Audit All Sites”.

Hi @sagemg

Welcome to the MainWP community.

We’ve updated our KB document with a GIF depicting the use of Bulk Actions menu and the individual site Action Menu.

But first, we must solve the issue of Extensions > Lighthouse table being empty.

Can you please go to the extension Settings and resave the settings, and if that doesn’t help, try clicking the Audit All Sites button.

If you have a lot of sites, you don’t have to wait for all audits, but triggering this action may help populate the list.

Hi Bojan,

Re-saving the settings didn’t change anything - the Extensions > Lighthouse > Dashboard list is still empty.

I’m hesitant to hit “Audit All Sites” because won’t that, you know, audit all sites? I’m trying to just audit one site. (And what would happen if I added a new site to MainWP - would I have to hit “Audit All Sites” again to make that site appear in the list?)

Thanks for trying that.

“Audit All Sites” may be necessary only to populate the table initially and should not be necessary when you add new sites in the future.
Auditing all sites can take some time, but since this is done by Google and the data is simply fetched via the API, your server will not experience any negative consequences.

I decided to click “Audit All Sites” even though that’s not what I wanted because most of the 75 sites are on the same server, so running Lighthouse on all of them could have caused server load issues.

However, having run “Audit All Sites” I still have an issue - only 58 of the sites are listed in the Extensions > Lighthouse list. I don’t want to run “Audit All Sites” again and have it not actually do “all sites”.

So, is there any way to trigger an audit of a single site that’s not listed in Extensions > Lighthouse?

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This does seem to be a problem. We have one site missing from audits, just one. There needs to be away to force this to list in the lighthouse audits to be able to preform a single audit.

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Unfortunately, not through the UI. The only way would be to trigger the Audit using the REST API and then view the results in the MainWP Dashboard.

The development team will look into the issue of sites (either all or some of them) not appearing in the Extension > Lighthouse table. After that is solved, auditing a single site is solved as well.
However, we will also look into enabling single site Audits elsewhere on the MainWP Dashboard.

Thank you.

I ended up discovering and using the REST API for the 17 or so sites that were missed in the “Audit All Sites” batch, but that wasn’t ideal.

Looking forward to there being an option to trigger an audit on a single site via the UI.


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