Localhost vs webhost

Did a search and Don’t see any previous posts. What is your thoughts on webhosting vs localhost? Is it personal preference or is there an advantage to one over the other?

I won’t say which one is better, it’s totally up to you, but I have to say that some features don’t work properly on localhost setups. Due to nature of locally hosted Dashboards where web-hosted child sites can’t reach the dashboard, some features fail. For example, if you would try to Install by Upload a plugin or a theme, it would fail because child site can’t download the uploaded file from your dashboard. Or in the Branding extension, if you would try to upload a custom login page logo, it would fail.

Fortunately, there are no much of features that don’t work. Basically it’s just where some file needs to be download from the dashboard.

If these features are not required for your setup, you can consider running your MainWP Dashboard locally.

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