"MainWP Child plugin not detected"


I am a new user.
I have connected 10 websites on MainWP, they are well synchronized.
When I try to launch a backup, I get this message each time:
“Ghmm ERROR: MainWP Child plugin not detected. First, install and activate the plugin and add your site to your MainWP Dashboard afterward. If you continue experiencing this issue, check the child site for known plugin conflicts, or check the MainWP Community for help.”

I removed the child site from the dashboard, removed the child plugin… reinstalled… same error message.
Do you have an idea?

Thanks !

Hi Elyaz,

thanks for reaching out. Can you please tell me which backup system do you use?

The basic system of MainWP

Hi Elyaz,

thanks for getting back to me.
Have you considered moving to one of our backup extensions?

The MainWP Legacy Backup system has been retired a few years ago and it is not maintained and supported any longer.

How it was removed, I just installed MainWP and the tool offers me a classic backup service?

Hi Elyaz,

thanks for getting back to me.

The Native Backups feature is available only as a Legacy feature that needs to be enabled intentionally before it can be used. Above the enabling option, there is a notification that says:

MainWP is actively moving away from further development of the native backups feature. The best long-term solution would be one of the Backup Extensions.

Please see here:

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