MainWP child reports sends all kinds of data to the child site admin email

Is there a way to disable all the emails that this plugin sends to the admin emails?


Hey @Volodya_Evtimov

Please check out our help document for information about turning off the email notifications from MainWP: Email Settings - MainWP Documentation

Hello, thank you for this information but I couldn’t find a solution to my issue.

One of my child sites has an email [email protected], which is registered as the admin email in the WordPress general settings. In the settings of the Child Reports Plugin, at the Reports tab, I can see the records (for example update of a product). The problem is that these records are sent to the [email protected] email. The only email registered in my MainWP dashboard for this child site is my personal email @ Gmail. So I am not sure how to stop the reports plugin (which is installed in each child site) from sending reports to their admin emails.

In other words, the child site sends emails to itself with the information listed in the child report plugin, reports tab.

Are you using Client Reports or Pro Reports extensions on your MainWP Dashboard?

And please check the Individual Child Site email settings. If they are set there, they would overwrite the global email settings.

If it’s possible, please attach a screenshot of the email notification in question. It would help us identify what might be sending it.

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