MainWP Chrome Browser Extension - Clicking Logs Me Out Of My Site And Other Problems

I just started trying to use the Chrome Browser Plugin.

What is “Non-Main WP Changes” ???

When I click on the number by it I am immediately logged out of my Wordpress Site (where MainWP is installed) and the browser is cookied or cached in such a way as to make logging back in impossible.

Also, the number there is large (958 at the moment).

Summary: What IS that feature and what does the number mean and what SHOULD happen when I click on that number?

UPDATE: I figured out what “non mainwp changes” is inside my regular dashboard. But now I have realized that clicking on ANY of the numbers displayed in the browser extension logs me out of my site for some reason.

@NetJon I am not able to replicate that behavior on my setup.

Which Browser are you using and what version of the Plugin is it?

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Google Chrome 117.0.5938.92 (Official Build) (64-bit)
MainWP Browser Extension 1.1

Additional Notes:

When there is NOT a number by each category, there is a checkmark, and it is NOT clickable.

If there is a number (and if everything else is a checkmark there is a “0” by total updates.

Clicking on the number or the zero opens up a browser window with me logged out of my site, even if I was logged in.

I have to mess around to log back in. (Clear cache, shortend the url to get rid of all the extra, delete cookies, etc.)

I messaged you a screencast to show you exactly what I am experiencing.

I didn’t want to share the screencast publicly.

@NetJon Awesome! - I’ll be going over that shortly.

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