MainWP Favorites Improvements


MainWP Favorites is great, it saves a lot of time! Though it’ll be nice to have some more features:

  • Availability to add free plugins from the WordPress plugin repository.
  • Possibility to add (secure) notes to each plugin (e.g. licences).

Best regards,

I’m pretty sure there’s no problem marking a free plugin from the WP repository as a favorite. I have quite a few.

I would agree with notes. That could be helpful.

Thats absolutely true. I now figured it out how to mark a repository plugin as favourite. You can do so when clicking on “Install Plugins” within MainWP.
It’s also possible to add notes to every plugin as well to a group of plugins. When using the favourite plugin addon there is a column on the right with a blue icon where you can add notes.

I’m glad to have this features! Sorry, I didn’t recognize them earlier :wink:

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