MainWP is not able to detect updates for some premium plugins

MainWP is not able to detect updates for some premium plugins such as PixelYourSite PRO (and a few others). What code can I add as a snippet to the PHP section of the Custom Dashboard extension which I have access to?

I found this in a previous support response, but I’m not sure how to find and replace $premiums = ‘mai-theme-engine/mai-theme-engine.php’; with the proper code for PixelYourSite PRO or any other premium plugin that isn’t behaving properly:

add_filter( ‘mainwp_detect_premium_plugins_update’, ‘myhook_mainwp_detect_premium_plugins_update’, 10 );
function myhook_mainwp_detect_premium_plugins_update( $premiums ) {
$premiums = ‘mai-theme-engine/mai-theme-engine.php’;
return $premiums;

Hey @FreshView

We’ve recently updated the custom filter for premium plugin and theme detection.

There are now two filters, mainwp_detect_premium_plugins_update for improving detection of available updates, and mainwp_request_update_premium_plugins for improving the process of updating premium plugins.

More details in our KB: Premium Plugin Updates Not Detected - MainWP Documentation

You can quickly check the full slug by navigating to the WP Admin of a child site, and then hover the mouse over the Deactivate link for that plugin, and check the URL in the bottom left of your browser.

For example, for Akismet the slug is akismet/akismet.php

Perfect. Thank you! Great instructions.

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