MainWP Management Favorite Plugins - Delete Button Missing


This documentation link Delete a Plugin From Favorites - MainWP Documentation shows a screenshot of the Favorite Plugins page with a delete button column to the right.

My MainWP console in the same page is missing the Delete Button and has a Notes icon instead.

Any suggestions to show the delete button ?


Hi Tony, can you please send me the screenshot of the page?

Hi @thowden,
You’re right! No delete option.
Never notice it before…

Ah, I see, this is different section of the Favorites extension.

The help document referred in the first post refers to the MainWP > Extensions > Favorites > Favorite Plugins page.

In that section, the button is still there.

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Right. So I should have read the explicit instruction instead of assuming the pages are the same.

Feature Request: Make the pages the same.


Hi Tony, please feel free to submit the official feature request in the Features section.

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