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i want to move my Shared Hosting MainWP Dashboard (with Apapche Webserver) to an VPS with Debian 12, MariaDB and nginx-Webserver. I can configure the VPS myself, i have root Access, so that I can change any configuration.
Are there any know restrictions or recommendations with nginx-Webserver?? Special Configuration with nginx?

Please let me know.
Thanks in Advance

@Olli-MainWP There are no known conflicts with any server software. Our test servers run on nginx, MySQL
Currently the only known caveat with MariaDB is the MainWP Maintenance Extension but this would effect Child Sites not the MainWP Installation if it causes issues at all


Ok, thanks for Reply.
Debian12 comes with PHP8.2.
It is better to install PHP8.1 for a stable run with MainWP Dashboard?

Hi @Olli-MainWP

We’ve been using MainWP extensively on our test servers on both PHP 8.1 and 8.2 without any issues.
So we don’t expect that you will face any instability by using 8.2.


Thank You.
Then I will start to move MainWP Dashboard to a VPS (1 CPU, 20 GB, 2 GB RAM) with Debian12, nginx & mariadb and exim4 Mailserver only for sending Mails. :slight_smile:
I’m a little bit excited and would be happy to keep you updated if you wish


@Olli-MainWP Glad you’re excited! I’m sure the community wouldn’t mind you posting your findings about your setup.

Please, let us know if you have further questions.

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