MainWP Page Speed Extension dashboard extension does not show up in "Extensions" menu

Hi Support,

I have the PRO version of MainWP with all extensions etc., and I have deployed PageSpeed on all child sites but the left side dashboard menu does not show shortcut or shortcut to admin.php?page=Extensions-Mainwp-Page-Speed-Extension and it is very laborious to get to the PageSpeep monitoring screen for all sites managed with MainWP.

Why isn’t there a shortcut?
Is it possible via a function or action to create a shortcut in this menu for PageSpeed?

I look forward to your suggestions, thank you. :hugs:

Hi @gnumax

There should be a shortcut to the Page Speed dashboard from the MainWP Dashboard > Extensions submenu. Is it not showing up for you there?

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Hello, thank you for your reply.

I use the latest stable version of MainWP and although I do have PageSpeed dashboard in an “unfriendly” url ?page=Extensions-Mainwp-Page-Speed-Extension and in the top tab menu within each site (child) I don’t have it in Extensions, in the MainWP side menu.

Extensions - MainWp

I have contracted a “The Bundle - Lifetime Membership × 1”, do I need to send you a ticket?

Thanks! :hugs:

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The Extensions menu has a scroll bar, which admittedly is a bit hard to see, which indicates that there are other entries in the menu. :slight_smile:
When you scroll down by mouse wheel, trackpad, or any other means, you should see the Page Speed entry.

Hi @bojan :hugs:

Sorry, I’ve seen it.

Extensions - MainWp 1

The truth is that this scroll is very unnoticed.

It would be interesting if it could be displayed as the WordPress side menu does, where you can see all the available items without having to scroll.

Thanks anyway!!

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You can add this CSS snippet in the Custom Dashboard extension to increase the height of the Extensions submenu. Keep in mind that depending on your screen resolution or window size, scrollbars might still be displayed.

#mainwp-main-menu #menu-item-extensions {
    max-height: 500px !important;

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