Mainwp report - Security checkup empty

Hi, I am new with Mainwp pro and I am using Client reports plugin to give feedback to our clients about the work.

When I am creating full report section about security checkup is empty, says:
We have scanned your website 0 time(s) to check for malicious software or malware ensuring your site stays in tip top condition.

I run security scan and installed iThemes security plugin.

Am I missing something or?

Hi Josip,

Can you confirm that you are using the MainWP Sucuri Extension to run Sucuri scans?

Hi Bogdan,

thank you for help, I installed securi extension now everything works. I thought for report I had to use iTheme security plugin.

Could you help what extension I need to install to have uptime also covered in report?

Hi Josip, thanks for letting me know.

For the uptime data, please use the MainWP Advanced Uptime Monitor extension.

Great, this also helped.

One more thing if you can help, when I export Pdf report it doesn’t show diacritic signs (like đ,š,ć,č,…).
Is there an option to change the font which supports this in generating pdf report?

Hi Josip,

This might be problem caused by the DOMPDF library that is used for generating PDFs, but you try to change font. Here you can see how: Google fonts and custom Pro Report templates

Let me know how it goes.

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