MainWP SSL-Warning

in the MainWP-SiteInfo i get the following entry:
SSL Warnings = empty error:12000079:random number generator::Cannot open file error:12000079:random number generator::Cannot open file

Is this bad and need to be resovled?
If yes, how to i resolve this

Thanks in advance

Hi @Olli-MainWP

Can you try checking the SSL of that site using one of the online SSL Checkers and see if they also report any issues?

And can you check on the Edit page of that child site if you are using the https:// in this dropdown:


Thanks for reply.

I have checked the MainWP-Dashboard with

I think that is ok.

All ChildSites are on “https://”, all Test Connection are ok.
SSL Verify is in all Child Sites on “yes”.

Other Ideas?

Thank you and Best Regards

Thanks for the update.

This error usually indicates that the Certificate key hasn’t been properly formatted.

Are you in a position to try to reissue the SSL Certificate?

If that doesn’t help, can you try reaching out to your host support and have them take a look at the SSL Warning and the Certificate itself?

do you mean the HSTS Warning?
This I have resolved. I run a new Test after reboot the VPS.

I have also renewed the Certificate.

There is still the entry in the Site - Info at MainWP:

Othe Ideas?

Thanks for the update. It’s good that the HSTS warning is now gone.

However, I made a mistake by suggesting that the issue is related to the site’s certificate.

I just double-checked the code, and that warning is actually related to the OpenSSL and not the site’s certificate.

If everything is working as expected, you can safely ignore that warning.

However, if you really wish to dig deeper, the next step would be to contact the hosting support of where your Dashboard is hosted, and have them investigate further.

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ok, Thanks for clarification.
Best Regards

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