Mainwp_stream missing database

On one of my sites i found out why update reports do not work correctly. I get the message “The following table is not present in the WordPress database: 7C592h9b_mainwp_stream” and indeed when i look at the database only “7C592h9b_mainwp_stream_meta” is there, but not the other one.

I already googled and only found out that someone solved it by clicking on “Reset MainWP Child Reports Database”, which doesnt solve it for me.

Re-installed the plugin but it doesnt work… If i know how the database table looks, i can try to manually create it maybe?

Hi @raz2112,

Can you try to install this version of the child reports plugin, and once installed, visit the following URL on the child site: wp-admin/options-general.php?page=mainwp-reports-settings&try_uninstall=yes

There you will see the “Uninstall MainWP Child Reports Database”, when you click it it should solve the problem.

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Thank you very much it works now and correctly tracks updates!

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