MainWP Url with Port


it is possible to install MainWP under a URL with Port extension?

Only Reachable with the Port in the URL.
URL without Port: MainWP not reachable.

Or are they known Restrictions, perhaps against ChildSites?
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Hi @Olli-MainWP

I’ll check with the development team and get back to you as soon as possible.

Hey @Olli-MainWP

If you want the site where the MainWP Dashboard is installed to be accessible over a certain port (e.g., then that has to be configured on the WordPress side, since that part is not MainWP-specific.

After that, the development team can take a closer look and see if some tweaks can be applied so that the MainWP Dashboard is not accessible when using ports other than that one.

thanks for reply.
I will try and give you a feedback, so that you can take a closer look perhaps.
Please give a while (January 2024).

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