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I have been looking to find a good alternative to ManageWP. I like manageWP in general, but their support sucks and I don’t imagine it will ever improve now that they are owned by GoDaddy. I cannot even remember the last time there were any new features, and if a ticket gets referred to the devs, then it seems you never get any reply. I have 1 ticket that has been waiting over 1 year now.

I have been testing out MainWP and so far I really hate the UI/UX compared to ManageWP, it feels very clunky and not very user-friendly at all.
Everything seems to require so many steps to get things done, and there seems to be a requirement to HUNT for things that might need doing, rather than having a clear notification.

I can see that MainWP obviously does have a lot more features than ManageWP due to all the extensions and it is cheaper, although the added cost of all the extensions and 3rd party services you need to purchase seems to outweigh that unless you have a lot of sites.

Has anyone else here switched from ManageWP and can tell me its worth it?
I only manage 20 sites currently.

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Hi Russ,

I appreciate your feedback and remarks about MainWP UI/UX. However, considering a long time using ManageWP, maybe just the change seems overwhelming. MainWP UI is different and you might need some time to adjust to it.

On the other hand, one of the things that makes MainWP different is customizability. Basically, you can easily customize your MainWP Dashboard and adjust it to your needs. You can quickly restyle your dashboard or even hide unwanted/unneeded elements.

If you want to give it a try, you can use the MainWP Custom Dashboard Extension. It will allow you to apply custom CSS styles or PHP code snippets to tailor your MainWP Dashboard to your needs.


I haven’t used ManageWP myself. I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with MainWP though. For me it’s the horizontal tables and scrolling that I just can’t get used to . . . it’s awful. I wish it had an option to change that to a more vertical display. That’s what a scroll wheel was made for.

Other than that I like it. However, it doesn’t do updates as well as I would like, I always have to go delete .maintenance files on occasion and reconnect.

Stay with it for a while and I’m sure you’ll think it’s better in a lot of other ways than the competition, at least, that’s the conclusion I came to.

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This is a problem of the client site’s webhost. It’s not responsive enough en you would probably have this as well if you update directly on the child site. I also have this on a few sites, but these webhosts (client’s choice) were already on my “wouldn’t-use-that” list. After moving them to a different (decent) host, the problem is gone. :slight_smile:

I switched a couple of months ago from ManageWP. Still getting my head around the multiple features and extensions on offer.
I have 50 sites that I manage, however I’m also having the problem of having to click update 2 or 3 times before all updates are resolved. Highly annoying. Any work around for this?

Other than that, I’m happy and looking forward to delve deeper.

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I switched a few months ago and wrote a post about it: Why (and How) I switched from ManageWP to MainWP - Rene Morozowich

There is a learning curve and I spent some time with the dashboard “refreshing” it - colors, fonts, etc.

It’s not exactly like ManageWP, but the support and community are good.


We switched over from MainWP to ManageWP and back to MainWP 2 years ago I think! The issues with ManageWP are the ones to mention, plus lack of development and finally, impossible to connect via an API.
We love MainWP for that! We have our external client’s tool connected directly to it and grab all the data we need for our monthly reports. It is true that there is a little bit of a learning curve to switching but after a while, you get use to it. Also, we have our VA taking care of updates, she is not technical but she is able to use it and report any issues she can see… We are managing more than 180 websites.

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how is the ongoing development and support?
do they actually fix bugs and add new features?

Hi @Russ_Michaels,

Yes, they are pretty good to fix bugs as you report them (last update of the child yesterday with 3 bugs fixed), and support is excellent. Every time I contacted them, I got a resolution. They go above and beyond every single time.



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