MainWP widgets showing only in one column with no options for column settings

Hi, new MainWP user here.

I just set up MainWP Dashboard but the widgets show only in one column and there’s no option at all to set number of columns as I have seen in other tutorials. I installed the plugin in a new WP install. Other plugins activated on the site are Members, White Label CMS and WPS Hide Login. I have gone through the known plugin conflicts and these are not listed. I have cleared my cache, done a hard refresh, signed in incognito, but I still can’t see the settings. What could be the issue here? Screenshots attached.

Hi Dinma!

You can change the size (height and width) and position of all widgets on the dashboard. They don’t use columns but a grid. So you can start with 2 widgets and below that put 3 next to each other.



@dinma Jos is correct, this video may help too.


@josklever and @dennis Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately, I do not see an option to resize the widgets at all when I hover over them. They are stuck at one column with no option to resize. Here’s a video of what my dashboard looks like:

Hey @dinma

The reason you don’t see the option for resizing is that your MainWP Dashboard is in Mobile/Tablet view.

This can be due to a combination of small browser window size, low resolution or page zoom.

Near the end of your recording, when you zoom out, I believe there is enough space for a Desktop layout.
Just make sure to refresh the page when you zoom out for the layout to change.

Thanks @bojan. Zooming out and refreshing worked. Changing my display scale also worked. My display is currently 1920x1080 with a 150% scaling. So far, all the other sites I visit detect this as desktop mode but it appears MainWP detects this as tablet mode. When I change my desktop display scale to 100%, the widgets become responsive again. But I don’t like that setting because my text and images become far too small and most websites only take up about 60% of my screen. Anyway, the solution is to either zoom out the MainWP window (the widgets become responsive at 90% zoom) or change my desktop display scale to 125% or less. Thanks for the help everyone.


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