Major Usability Issues with MainWP Dashboard

Compliments of the season. Having Favorite Plugins & Favorite Groups in two different sections of the parent dashboard is confusing and a time waster. Makes it very confusing sometimes to add favorites for later use. I have had to wander around frustratingly to find where to add new favorites.

There is the one path under “Plugins > Favorite Plugins” - here you only see the list and cannot add new favorites - doesn’t make sense from a user experience. There is apparent gap in the information architecture of the plugin.

Then there is another path via “Extensions > Favorites”. This is the one that allows you to add new favorites. Not sure why these two are separate paths.

In addition, the MainWP Dashboard is NOT responsive design. When you start to minimize the resolution of your browser, the different sections begins to overlap.

Please fix.


Moved over to the UX Category since it seems more in line for User Experience then a feature request. I’ll page @bogdan our resident designer to take a look at your post.

Hi @goshen, thanks for your feedback.

You can easily change this on your setup. Recently we released the free Custom Dashboard extension that you can use and apply this simple CSS rule to adjust the page your needs:

/* Show both tabs at the same time */
div[data-tab="mainwp-favorite-plugin-groups-tab"] { 
	display: block !important; 
/* Hide the nav menu since not needed */
#mainwp-favorite-plugins-menu { display:none; }

Yes, when were designing this extension we intentionally separated options for installing favorites and managing favorites. We believe that it would be much more confusing to have everything on the same page.

It would be helpful if you could use the built-in bug reporting system in your MainWP Dashboard to send us more details about the issues with layout. We will be happy to fix it.

Hmm, this does not really change the crucial part. I think the problem is that group control is separated from group usage. There should at least be a link pointing to the page to create and edit the groups. I also find it rather confusing the way it is now.


Hi Konstantin, you are right, we will add the link here and include this in the next release.

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