Manage Plugin > Deactivate > Delete but Still showing Inactive after deleting

I believe this is a bug so just reporting for the fix

I recently deactivated the plugin called “Search & Replace” after deactivating i deleted the plugin and checked on my child site and it is surely deactivated and gone from the site but when i try to search inactivate plugin with search query “Search & Replace” it is still appearing even though it deleted from the child site via MainWP Manage Plugin

i do not know if it is only me or anyone else noticed/experienced the same?

Hi @sagalian, I have tried to duplicate this problem on our setups, but I couldn’t. Is there some caching system that you use on your Dashboard and the child site? Are you able to duplicate this with another child site and plugin?

@sagalian You may have to re-sync after deleting a plugin.

i did perform many re-sync but it didn’t work , however waited for two days and it was fine then (maybe cache but not quite sure)

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@sagalian Yeah that’s a bit strange. Are you running a caching system on your MainWP Dashbard? Or you mean on the Child Site.

Caching on MainWP site no, not at all but have Cloudflare without any speed/caching settings

Caching on Child Sites: yes, almost all of them but I think that doesn’t make any difference because I deleted the cache several times from that particular child site where I had issue + deleted the MainWP child plugin as well several times and reuploaded but the only solution worked for me was the one I posted above/earlier.

Would you mind opening a private Help Desk ticket so we can collect some additional information & investigate further?

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