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Hi, I’ve used MainWP on several sites without any problems. On my latest site, the wp_mainwp_stream and wp_mainwp_stream_meta database tables are massive in size, and keeps getting bigger. The site is a movie site which syncs movies from a movie database API. I figured this has something to do with the large tables. The database is around 3 GB now and has been live for 2 months. What can I do about it?

Hi Markus, the wp_mainwp_stream and wp_mainwp_stream _meta database tables collect data for reporting extensions (Pro Reports and Client Reports). Can you tell me do you run Monthly reports? If yes, you can change the plugin settings in WP > Settings > MainWP Child > Child Reports Settings page, and limit the plugin to collect data only for the last 35-40 day so the DB tables don’t get that big.

If for any reason, you don’t need reporting data for this child site, you can use the provided tool on that page to delete all the reporting data from these tables and deactivate the plugin so it doesn’t record new actions.

Hi Bogdan, thanks for the quick reply! So the “Reset MainWP Child Reports Database” deletes all the database records in those two tables?

Hi Markus,

Yes, Reset MainWP Child Reports Database action will remove all the MainWP Child Reports plugin data from it’s tables ( wp_mainwp_stream and wp_mainwp_stream _meta).

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