Modals and interface shrunken on 14" notebook with MainWP 5.0

On modal popups and the main dashboard with a 14" notebook, panels are randomly expanded higher than the viewport or under the top toolbar so I can’t see buttons to close, and widgets are not completely visible.



Hey @CarlAus

I couldn’t reproduce the issue with the modals.
What screen resolution do you have, and what is your system DPI? I will try to match it as close as possible.

For the widgets - can you try to resize them? It seems like the current size is simply too small for the entire content.

1600x900, 14" screen, normal scale

We released v5.0.1 yesterday, which should solve the issue of header elements going over modals.

After you update to v5.0.1, please do a hard-refresh or try in an incognito/private browser window.

Hard-refresh is Ctrl + F5 in Windows and Command + Shift + R on MacOS.

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