Monitor showing a site is down when it isnt

I have 25 sites all correctly showing they are up but one site shows it is up on the Sites page yet DOWN on MainWP individual dashboard page - yet it isn’t (site is up and working)?..
I have 2 sites ( a .co and a .com version) registered in Uptime Robot. It looks like mainwp is confusing the 2 perhaps?

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Can you please send us screenshots where it shows that the site is Up and where it shows that it is down, so we can have a better understanding of the context?

Is one of these two sites actually detected as being Down by Uptime Robot?

it shows correctly as up here on summary list ( ?page=managesites/ )

but wrongly on detail dashboard/ site overview
(and if I change status of .com to paused) that gets reflected also on the detail page - but wrongly as it should be only showing the .co domain in mainwp.

here is summary image

Thanks for the update.

It does appear that MainWP may be confusing the two monitors.
But let me make sure I understand correctly.

You have two sites added in Uptime Robot, with different TLDs, .com and .co.
In the MainWP Dashboard, you have only one of those site added, the .co.

On the Manage Sites page, the .co site has the correct uptime status.
But on the individual site Dashboard, the status of that .co site is incorrect.
Furthermore, when you paused the monitor for the .com site, the status of the monitor for .co site on the individual child site Dashboard was shown as paused.

Is all of that correct?

And can you please check that you are running the latest version of Advanced Uptime Monitor (5.2.3) and MainWP Dashboard (

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