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Hi all,

I’ve been busy researching how to install and configure maldet and ClamAV on my webservers. At this moment I have installed it on my DEV server and things look good, but I’m left with two questions. I hope there’s someone here to help me out with these last points.

If this requires some hands-on work, I’m willing to pay a colleague to help out.

1. Maldet is not sending me a mail after a scan

I want maldet to send me a mail after each daily scan, even no malware was found. In the logs I see that maldet did it’s job properly, but when it’s done it’s not sending mail. There are no errors in logs, to indicate that maldet tried to send a mail, but failed. If I test sending a mail with the ‘mail’ command, it works properly.

In maldet.conf I’ve set these variables:

email_addr=”[email protected]

2. Do a full scan or it save to always just scan to changed files?

If I understand correctly, the cron is doing a scan of changed files. Is that safe enough? Or should I set it to do a full scan each week (for example). And if yes, how would I do that?

@RickHeijster I’m finding this weird as well:

This person stated they did a whereis on mail but they are still telling them to install mail…

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I found another thread that says to look at your email logs to see where it actually went…


You may be able to run Maldet manually from Terminal to see if it throws any errors:

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Thanks Keith! I appreciate your research.

The system is able to send reports. When I request a report manually ( for instance: maldet --report 240306-0630.33687 [email protected]), the report is sent to my inbox without issue.

However, when I run a scan (manually or daily with Cron), no report is sent. Very frustrating… :frowning:

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@RickHeijster Really sorry to hear that. Hopefully somebody else has used that tool before and can chime in. You may get better responses from a dedicated Linux Forum like:

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