New Child Domain Missing from Some Extensions

You would think a simple synch of child sites would fix this issue, but it doesn’t…

I added a new site a few days ago and it is still not listed in the extensions Domain Monitor and Advanced Uptime Monitor (I have already added the domain to uptimerobot a few days ago).

It is listed in the dashboard and other extensions like Vulnerbility Checker and Maintenance.

How do I fix this?


PS I did search for this issue as I thought it would be a common one but didn’t find any topics.

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Hey @eSIlverStrike

For Advanced Uptime Monitor, a child site won’t appear in the table unless there’s an existing monitor for it.

You can add them one by one, or all at once by clicking the Create Monitors for All Sites button.

Similarly, for Domain Monitor, try manually checking all Sites Domains and see if they’ll show up in the table afterwards.

Thanks for the reply. Domain Monitor finally had listed my new domain this morning.

Create Monitors for All Sites link worked for Advanced Uptime Monitor. I already had the new Domain being monitored at Uptime Robot and was looking for a Refresh button or setting. Creating a New Monitor Button, I assume would have duplicated the monitor I already had at Uptime Robot

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Creating a new monitor via the Create New Monitor button may have created a duplicate, but that would depend on the uptime monitoring service itself and whether or not they allow duplicate monitor URLs.

I’m glad that Create Monitors for All Sites worked for you and that Domain Monitor is now also listing all your child sites.

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