New Google Analytics property on already connected account

Hi guys!

I’m using MainWP for a month or so, congratulations, it’s being an awesome journey!

I’m sorry if this was already asked, I searched but could not find this issue discussed, so here it goes.

I have my Google Analytics Account connected with some MainWP children already linked, all great.
The thing is, yesterday I’ve added a new child do MainWP, setup a new Google Analytics account inside the already connected account, synced the dashboard with sites, hit refresh Data in Google Analytics Extension Settings and this new property doesn’t show up on the dropdown, when I try to link it with the child.

Any step I might be missing?

Thanks a lot, best regards!

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Hey @jpfigueira

We’re very glad you are enjoying your MainWP journey :slight_smile:

I assume the dropdown you are referring to is the one on the Edit page of an Individual Child site where you assign a Google Analytics Property to the site?

If so, can you please check if you have an Universal Property created for that new child site?

Our Google Analytics extension does support GA4, but it currently requires both UA and GA4 properties to be created and interconnected on the Google Analytics Dashboard. Here’s the help document explaining this in more detail: Support for GA4 Properties - MainWP Documentation

​In the future, we will be dropping the requirement for UA, and only GA4 will be necessary.

That’s it! I’ve created only with GA4 :man_facepalming:

Since I already have a GA4 tag on the website and I don’t think I can add a UA to an already existing property, is it ok if I place 2 tags on the website? One for GA4 and one UA?

Thanks a lot, best regards,

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You can place two tags on the website. Google Analytics will track the visitor data from both data, and that might do the trick for the extension.
However, what’s important is to link the GA4 and UA properties when creating them on the Google Analytics Dashboard. When you do that, it’s not necessary to place two tags on the website itself.

Ok, I’ll do that, the site is pretty recent, so there’se no harm done by replacing the property.

Thanks a lot for your help & insights!

Best regards,

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