New MainWP User's Two Cents

Hello All…

I have freshly installed MainWP on a WP single site and I am literally evaluating it with the thought of making a lifetime license purchase if it works correctly. However, being honest, my experience has been a bit off-putting due to seemingly unproductive disdain for WPMS expressed by MainWP.

In my humble opinion… From a plugin sales point of view, I just don’t see the actual goal / purpose of this article… it does anything except chase away potential pro subscribers.

This is the first article that I came across while trying to research MainWP / WPMS compatibility.

Consider my viewpoint as potential subscriber:

I have installed the child plugin on both single and WPMS installations. Like any new user I had questions about MainWP compatibility with WPMS… Then I read that article, which gives me nothing but doubt that MainWP will function properly with WPMS.

While I -eventually- found this excellent article explaining MainWP / WPMS compatibility…. The “seed of doubt” regarding using your product was already planted , damage was already done.

Why should the unproductive disdain for WPMS be stopped?

Many potential subscribers are just like me.

They have not one, but multiple WPMS installations, all with X+ number of sites…so many that a tool like MainWP now looks appealing. However, the thought of converting each WPMS to single sites just to be able to use MainWP is a non-starter.

I also use Webmin/Virtualmin. The time overhead of setting up new virtual servers, redirecting domains, etc, plus the error factor of going from WPMS to single site for bunches of sites instantly makes me think… Why not just find a MainWP alternative that is already WPMS compatible?

The only thing that saved me as a potential pro subscriber was in fact the MainWP / WPMS compatibility article mentioned above.

Just my “two cents”… drop the anti-WPMS disdian and constantly saying that “MainWP wasn’t designed for WPMS” compatibility"… change to “MainWP is compatible with WPMS, except in relation to Creating Users… other compatibility issues with WPMS may occur, and our support will try to help you find a suitable solution”…

I like open-source projects…I want you to win…

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