New problem with Advanced Uptime Monitoring extension?

I already started 2 other topics about the problem with the AUM extension when in Uptime Robot the URL’s that are monitored are not the main domains.

So not but instead monitoring

There have already been 2 updates for the AUM trying to solving this issue. The second update seemed to be working fine, but today I discovered that there is still a problem in combination with the Pro Client Reports extension.

When monitoring URL’s in Uptime Robot like and not the main domain only, the uptime results are not showing up in the Pro Reports!

I double checked this by setting up a Uptime Robot check monitoring only the main domain, and then the results are showing up in the Pro Reports.

For now, it seems best practice to only monitor main domains with Uptime Robot/MainWP extension combination!

I hope the devs at MainWP will take another (deeper) look at the AUM extension, testing it also with the report extensions and maybe other options too?

Hi Alwin,

thanks for reporting this.
I will have our dev team check this.

Hi Alwin,

Please try this version.

Hello Bogdan,

That seems to solve the problem :slight_smile:


Hi Alwin, thanks for confirming that.
We will include this tweak to the official release too.

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