New to MainWP. Lifetime Deal

Hello community. Learning a lot about MainWP. Would anyone know if there will be any coupons for the lifetime deal by a chance?


Hi @Max

Welcome to the MainWP Community.

We used to occasionally have coupons for lifetime, but we stopped offering them some time ago.

While we don’t have current plans for future offerings, things can naturally change.

We currently offer a coupon for 15% off for Monthly and Yearly subscriptions. Please find the details at this link:

​We do, however, always have an option to sign up for the MainWP Pro Monthly plan, and when you want to upgrade to Lifetime, we will credit you up to 3 months of payments towards the Lifetime Plan.

​And the Lifetime plan can be paid in two installments.


And as MainWP can save you so much time, it’s easy to earn the costs back. It has enabled me for about 8 years already to make a decent living, now managing almost 300 websites. Of course I understand it’s quite some investment, but it’s worth it. :smiley:


Thank you everyone for the response. Definalty not worried about the total cost and will upgrade. Just looking out if i was to purchase and then there is a coupon a week later lol. On the other hand and I’m not sure if this is the right place for this. Is there a a feature i can request? I was thinking if there is a way to add a calendar to maintain any reminders for the sites. For example billing dates, or changes that client request at a certain time. I know there is the domain expiration reminder so something like that but on a larger scale

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Hi, and yes, you can ask new features and vote for the existing ones, right on this link:


Hi, it’s a no-brainer! If you value your time even for a bit, it will save you so much time. Not only that, it will add so many possibilities, you’ve never thought about.


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