No connection to Matomo

The URL of my website is
The Matomo plugin version 4.0.5 MainWP Dashboard Version 4.3.1 Server PHP 8.1
In the plugin in this site i have
Container Address: (doubt if it’s correct)
API Authentication Token: a5f3ab7d-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-4e4682ac99c6 (very probably correct)

When i open this site with Edit i get “No Properties” for Matomo account property.

In my child site overview everything else works but i can’t get any data. My screen shows:
No data available!
Make sure you have your Matomo dashboard connected.

Any clues?

Hi @Marco

Are you perhaps referring to the Matomo Dashboard URL in the Matomo extension settings?

Please keep in mind that Piwik Pro is NOT supported by the extension.
Only Matomo Cloud and Matomo on Premise.

Ooh… that’s probably it. Thanks!
Back to the drawing board

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