No way to check child core version/check-update via wp-cli

according to the mainwp documentation for wp-cli i can update wp core for a child site with wp mainwp site --site-update-wordpress <id>. I am however unable to actually find the current version of the child core.

I would expect it to be shown via wp mainwp site or wp mainwp sites, or if mainwp wanted to more closely mirror vanilla wp-cli’s commands (which makes sense to me) then something like wp mainwp core [<siteid>] [--all] [check-update/version/update]

@bfcmaintenance Thank you very much for taking the time to request the features that you want - it really helps us gage what people find important.

However, you may be glad to hear that the info you are requesting is already available via the /site endpoint if you use the command option of –site-info like so:

wp mainwp site --site-info <id>

Output Eg.


thanks. the documentation doesn’t make it clear what the difference between wp mainwp site --site and wp mainwp site --site-info is, it would be helpful to include that in the documentation.

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