Non-MainWp Changes not updating

I just installed v.4.3. beta and I love it. I was checking how Non-MainWp Changes works. I went to two child sites and manually updated two plugins. Then returned to MainWP dashboard, sync data and in Non-MainWp Changes there is “no changes detected”. I syncted data both from main panel and from “connection status” widget. I hope this will help

WordPress Version 6.1
Debug Mode Disabled
PHP Version 7.4.32
MainWP Child Version 4.3 BETA 2
PHP Memory Limit 768M
MySQL Version 10.5.15-MariaDB-cll-lve

Hey @Domagic

The changes tracked in that widget are only ones made by the users other than the one which was used to connect the child site to the MainWP Dashboard.

Can you try logging in to the child site with any other users, make some changes, and see if they will appear in the widget then?

Interesting. Yeap, I will check in this way and will write you back. But I suggest that you need to make some text description that will explain this. It is not 100% clear that it must be another user.

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I loggined in to the child site with other user, updated a plugin. Yes, everything is showing in “Non-MainWp Changes”. Great widget. Now I understood how it works. Thank you

You are welcome. I’m glad it’s working.
We will be adding additional information about how the widget works in our help documentation.

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