Not able connect subdomain hosted on a different Siteground account

This is kind of an old issue, but I have a little more clarification on the issue this time.

I have a number of SG (siteground) accounts.

On one of my SG accounts, I have installed Mainwp under the domain - and from here I want to connect to the sub-domain of another website But that is not possible. I am unable to get any connection.

However, I believe I am on to something here, because I have noticed, that I am able to connect to - and I am very sure this is because that (primary domain) is hosted on the same SG account as - where as is NOT hosted on the same account as (primary domain)

So, I believe, that if I move all my subdomains to the same SG account as where (the primary domain) is hosted, then I will have no issues.

Do I relly need to collect all my domains on the same account as the primary domain or is there a fix to look forward to in Mainwp?



ps. it is not that I am unable technically to move all sites to the same SG account, but I will run into web space and inodes limitations.

Hey @Chrilles_Wybrandt

What response do you get for those non-working subdomains when you try Test Connection?

Do you have different or stricter security measures on the SiteGround account where the non-working subdomains are hosted? Or perhaps an enabled cloud proxy or a CDN?

This is the message.
I have not enabled CDN or proxies. Also, I am able to connect to other sites on this other account. Just not the subdomains, where the primary domain is not hosted on the same account.



Would you mind opening a private Help Desk ticket so we can collect some additional information & investigate further?

That is done now

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