Not all child site categories showing


I just discovered a problem. not all child site categories showing. only 38 categories of it showing on the list. There should be 100 categories showing.

Why is this happening? any theories?

Looks like similar problem happened in the past

I even tried that custom build but sadly didn’t work.

Hey @sinanisler

We have added a filter to the MainWP Dashboard that allows you customize the number of posts categories fetched from child sites.

Add this filter to the Dashboard (easiest way is using our Custom Dashboard extension).

add_filter( 'mainwp_get_post_data_authed', 'mycustom_mainwp_get_post_data_authed', 10, 4 );
function mycustom_mainwp_get_post_data_authed( $data, $website, $what, $params ) {
		$data['categories_number'] = 5000;
	return $data;

Define the desired number of categories in the $data[‘categories_number’] variable.

Let us know if that helps.

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tested didnt work.

here you can see it on this video to be sure how I implemented it

I think there is a bug or something. I am not sure.

not all categories are showing and subcategories are in random positions too.

Thanks for trying that and thank you very much making that screen recording for us.

There appear to be two different issues here, and I’ve managed to reproduce them on my test Dashboard.

One - The subcategories are displayed at the same hierarchy level as the main categories and are then alphabetically sorted. That is why they appear out of place.

Two - When there are multiple subcategories with the same name (e.g. SubCat under MainCat1, and SubCat under MainCat2), only one instance of it (e.g. SubCat) will be displayed in MainWP Dashboard.
Judging by your screen recording, many of your subcategories have the same name, and that’s the reason why you are only seeing 38 entries instead of 101.

I will pass both of these issues to the development team for further investigation.

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OK will wait.

I can create a temporary dev login if needed.

Thank you.

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any info about this or a quick temporary fix? :pray:

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Hey @sinanisler

The team was rather busy with getting Version 5 out, so now they will take some time to tackle this and some other reported issues.

The fix for it will be in the next release, although I don’t have an exact ETA at this moment.


Thank you.

we made a temporary UGLY fix for now added like every category different name :rofl:


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any update-fix about this ?

The fix will be included in the next release of MainWP.

If you wish, I can send you a pre-release version via a direct message so you can try it out on your setup as well.

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perfect. we can wait it’s fine. our temporary fix is working atm.

thank you.

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A fix for this was released today in v5.0.3 of the Dashboard and v5.0.1 of the Child plugin.

Thanks again for reporting this to us.

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than kyou very much <3

updated the main site and will test this later.


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