Notification when admin logs into a child site

I’m looking to log or receive an email when an admin logs into a child site. Is there an extension of setting that will allow me to do this with MainWP?

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I wouldn’t know a way with MainWP, but I’m using Wordfence Security and it has that functionality.

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I haven’t checked if they have that feature in their MainWP Extension but pretty sure it’s in their primary plugin Activity Log for MainWP extension by WP Activity Log

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Thanks Dennis… I did check this out once… I could do it again, but I think the free version of this plugin was pretty limited.

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I suggest Wordfence. This is a great Firewall, security system. It will email you when admins login, and notify you on bad logins as well. If someone tries to brute force, it will stop them and block their IP. I have used it for over 8 years on quite a few web sites and has not let me down.

I’m not a fan of Wordfence… I’m not saying it’s useless, but it’s main feature is emails to make you feel like you’re being protected so well…but the downside is performance is affected.

I’m testing the plugin @dennis mentioned earlier… it’s a little “clunky” (not too pretty IMHO) but so far it’s doing what I want.

You can choose which emails you want to receive. Besides that it just does what’s needed. The performance is definitely not an issue. In the past when all live traffic was logged by default, it was a performance issue, unless you changed it yourself to “security only”, which is the default for years already. I’m using it on all the websites I maintain and on my own server with 100+ sites I never see a performance issue in my monitoring caused by Wordfence.

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