Please improve the domain monitor support for the .pl domain

Domain monitor returns incorrect data about “.pl” domain dates.

for example and

in the monitor, all dates show January 1, 1970

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Hi @a.gawryluk

Welcome to the MainWP Community.

​Thank you for reaching out and reporting this. We are aware of the issue.

The WHOIS server used by the Domain Monitor extension is providing an empty response for certain TLDs, including .pl.

As soon as there’s a new server available, we will add it to Domain Monitor.

information I found on the website:
“The number of responses to WHOIS queries is limited per a particular IP address in a specific unit of time.
The administrators of the .pl domain Registry may block the traffic from any IP address if a suspicious action has been observed (e.g. attempts of massive querying).”
“The number of queries, sent to the WHOIS database from a single IP address, amounts to 100 per day though WWW and on port 43. When the limit has been exceeded, the requests are not responded and it is necessary to wait until credits for querying are restored. Credit for each successive query is granted every ca. 15 minutes.”
I think that’s why the server is not responding, the limit has been reached.
In my opinion, a new whois server for .pl will not appear :slight_smile:

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Thanks for that information. I will pass it along to the development team for further investigation.

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