.po or mo files do not exist in the Team Control addon

Hi support,

I’m trying to translate my MainWP installation (paid) and addons like “Team Control”, to name one, have no /languages folder.

Aren’t the .php files of the addons adapted for MainWP to be able to translate the strings without having to edit the .php files themselves like for example mainwp-team-control.php where I see en_GB (or en_EN) strings directly in the code?

.po or .mo files do not exist in the Team Control addon. :thinking:

Is there any way to manage these translations?

I would love to have an answer on this, thanks. :hugs:

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Hey @gnumax

You can create a translation for Team Control using a plugin like Loco Translate. The plugin will recognize the strings that need to be translated and provide you with a nice GUI for translation.

If you would then like for us to distribute that translation with our extension, you can mail it to bojan at mainwp dot com, and we will then include the .po file in the next release of the extension.

Hi @bojan

I am translating all the extensions (the commercial ones too as I bought The Bundle - Lifetime Membership × 1) but some of the extensions do not have .pot or .po

I translate extensions on WordPress.org regularly and also on Transifex, so I’m quite used to the translation systems.

I don’t think Loco Translate is the best solution and the ideal is to edit the .pot with Poedit and from there make the translations and then send them to you by email so you can use them.

Any ideas?

Thanks :hugs:

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Sure, please feel free to use any compatible tool you’re comfortable with and send me .pot files via email. I was unsure if you’re familiar with the translation process so Loco recommendation was just a safe example. :slightly_smiling_face:

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