Poll: Do you prefer your sidebar on the Left or Right?

If you didn’t know, you can change the side of your sidebar as documented in this KB, How to change sidebar position. With some planned UX changes, we are trying to decide if the default should be left or right in the next version.

Sidebar left or right
  • left
  • right

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Current Default Layout (right)

Proposed Default Change (left)

Since the dashboard pretty much resembles the default WP backend it should be to the right. The logic is that main menu items go to the left sidebar and contextual options go to the right sidebar. Have a look at Gutenberg. Also, you should add more options and make it full height.


I think the old model is already good. What is the reason for having to move it to the left or right side bar. :face_with_monocle:


The sidebar should be on the right with an option to change it to the left. For right-handed mouse users the most efficient place for the sidebar is on the right. This means that items are selected more quickly and with less screen distance to travel. Left-handed mouse users, 10%-12% of the global population have a tendency to twist their wrists, as they do when writing (or twist the writing surface), can achieve the same cursor efficiency it the sidebar is on the left side. Yes, i write left-handed and use a mouse with my right hand, so for me the preference is having the sidebar on the left. :wink:

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Agreed. If there’s a valid UX reason for moving it (accessibility being a reasonable one), adding a toggle for users to choose seems like it’d be an easy solution to this, especially with the votes being split almost right down the middle.

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I think … like others that it is best if it is optional.
Aesthetically perhaps it is better on the right, but in terms of functionality, having less scrolling on the screen is preferable.


For clarification, this is just for the default view new users get. The option to move it from side to side will remain as it is now.

Oh I did not know you could change it. Thanks. Maybe because it’s seem consistent with my WordPress experience I like it as it is.

I think my question would be: - is there a strong enough reason for change that would warrant the disconnect with all the public media on MainWP out there?

Keep it on the right it feels more balanced :slight_smile:

When I voted (“left”) the screenshots weren’t added yet, so I thought you were asking about the default sidebar on the far left. Now I see what it’s actually about, I agree with @phalancs and others and I would like to change my vote to “right”, but it seems that I can’t edit it.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

We don’t know unless we ask :slight_smile:

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Noted! :slight_smile: and I’ll have to look at vote changing the next pool I make.

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Why does this need to be a right or left decision? Could you just add a toggle to the screen options or the settings page of MainWP? How extensive a project is this for it to warrant a poll?

I would ask what are the planned UX changes? Would there be shortcuts added to the right or other, possibly?

Just by looking at it and what the current default is, I’d say “Right” but depending on what the changes are, I might say “Left.” If something was planned to go in the right that would take some clicks away or put other helpful insights/options I might change my mind.

Why don’t you keep a toggle button so we can switch or drag it around according to our preference. Left, Right, Top or Bottom.

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Jay Vijay @UD

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