Possible to attribute content when deleting user?

I couldn’t find anything relating to this topic posted here.

If we have 2 known usernames, can we bulk delete user A and attribute all content to user B ?


Hi @accunet

When deleting a user via MainWP Dashboard, it is not possible to manually select a different one to which to attribute content.

The content will be, by default, attributed to the Administrator User that has been used for establishing a secure connection with the Child Site.

And that specific Administrator User cannot be deleted.

So if you indeed have two users on the child site, you are only allowed to delete the other user, and all content will be, by default, attributed to the remaining Administrator User.

If perhaps you were to have multiple users, you would then have to go to the WP Admin of your child site and bulk-edit the content to change their attribution from Administrator User to a new desired one.

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