Post status options in the Create Post screen

Whenever you want to create a post the post status dropdown makes no sense (at least for me). When you want to send a post to a child site and publish it immediately you can still select “Draft” (which is the default) and click on publish. It will then be published leaving you wondering what that draft setting actually does. Also you could select “Pending review” and then click the button “Save as draft” which also makes no sense.

I guess the dropdown is missing the “Published” status and there should only be one button “Save” or sth. similar. It feels like this is buggy or at least not fully thought through. Maybe removing that dropdown alltogether would be the best solution.

Hi Konstantin, I think that there is a usability problem in here. As you said, it seems that the one status option is missing. Basically the MainWP Dashboard should be able to push post to child sites with the status “Draft” that is why the option is there, same as “Pending review”.

I will open a ticket for the dev team to get this handled for the next release.

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