Premium MainWP extensions failing up to update correctly

I have been using MainWP for a few years now but i noticed that its getting difficult to update the extensions. They either don’t update and have to be done manually or they simply just stop working. It would be great if this could be addressed and testing done prior to releases.

Hey @Tecology

To have MainWP extensions automatically update, you have to activate them using the Extension API: Activate Extension(s) API - MainWP Documentation

After we updated the MainWP Dashboard to v5, we had to do a one-time API deactivation for all our users.
However, you should’ve gotten the popup message informing you about that and how to activate the API again.

As for the screenshot - this doesn’t appear to be related to MainWP extensions specifically, and we haven’t received any reports of this behavior.

Generally, the “Plugin file does not exist” error typically occurs due to the deletion or renaming of the plugin’s files, incomplete plugin updates or installations, issues with manual plugin uploads, or database discrepancies.

Please try to re-install those affected extensions.

Hi @bojan ,

Thanks for the quick response! The screenshot I provided was taken yesterday just after I updated to MainWP 5.0.3. The three plugins were completely deleted from the plugins directory which is unusual. I updated just after the announcement that 5.0.3 was released and I am assuming the extensions were not fully available, hence the errors and you can see form the screenshot that the boilerplate extension was unavailable.

There is nothing else on the app that could have caused this and I have checked the database which is fine, absolutely no issues. Its the same MainWP install that has been running for the last 2 years. It probably worth noting this is a single app, on its own VPS and has only ever had MainWP installed currently running PHP v8.1

I did the get the popup message after v5 launched and followed the instructions on this. I have to be honest and say that generally find the premium extensions management quite tedious and when I do have to have to manually download the extensions I really struggle to even see them due to the poor accessibility of the mainWP website. On the download dashboard page alone there are over 200 accessibility issues and it would be great to see MainWP cater for those who are visually impared.I have seen it brought up to support in the past on other threads and i’m surprised the requests to fix this have been ignored given is such an easy fix to make.

Apologies for the rant Bojan, I have always had a good experience with the support of MainWP, but the grind of the constant updates to the dashboard, the reliability issues i’m facing with the extensions and barely being able to visually see the extensions I have to manually add due to the poor UX is getting to me.

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Thanks for the feedback about accessibility.

We are currently working on a site redesign, and we are using Equalize Digital Accessibility checker, so expect to see major improvements in that area.

We don’t have an exact ETA right now, but we expect it to be within the next few weeks.

We haven’t had other reports regarding this and it didn’t crop up in our many tests across different Dashboards.
So I believe that this is an isolated incident and specific to your environment.

If you find that it is reproducible, please let us know, and we will gladly take a closer look.

If the extensions API is active, automatic updates should be frictionless. Should you notice anything contrary, again, please let us know and we will take a look.

As with available update detection of any WordPress plugin, sometimes the detection can be delayed, and visiting the Updates page (/wp-admin/update-core.php), or checking manually can speed it up:


Great to hear about the accessibility improvements Bojan and I will keep an eye on the mainWP install. Thanks! :+1:

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