Pro Plugins - How do you keep track of all Pro Plugins?

We’re looking at adding into our reports a visual of all Pro Licences used across X site.

How do you track Pro licences?

Hey @Roger

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In the upcoming version 5, we will be introducing a new module, “Cost Tracker”.

Cost Tracker is designed to help you efficiently manage and track costs associated with your websites within the MainWP Dashboard, which includes licenses for plugins, themes, and more.

Right now, tokens for Pro Reports are not planned since this tool is primarily designed to be useful for MainWP Managers and not clients.

However, since the tracking costs will now be much easier with this module, inserting the data in the reports manually once per month is now a realistic possibility.


Thanks @bojan looking forward to checking out the Cost Tracker.

Will it list/allow link to source licence?

Cost Tracker is primarily designed to help the MainWP manager track costs across multiple sites/tags/clients, but should you want to, the license could be saved in the Notes section of a Cost Tracker entry.


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