Pro Report - Custom Report Template


I have 2 questions for custom Pro report template:

Thank you in advance.


Hi @sandysaille

We will be addressing both of these points in our next version of Pro Reports.

We believe that stating the time explicitly alongside the date is not necessary, so we will be removing that part.

The date in the Analytics chart should be picking up the Date Format setting of the Child Site.
We will be fixing that in the next version.

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Thank you! @bojan

When the next version will be released?

Version 4.2 was released 6 days ago. See for the changelog.

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Hi @sandysaille

You are most welcome.

As @josklever mentioned, 4.2 was released, and it includes these changes.

We’ve removed the time from the date range token, and we’ve changed the appearance of the dates on the X-axis of the analytics charts.

There were difficulties in making the date in the X-axis follow the Date Format setting of the Child Site, so we’ve opted to make it look more readable and aesthetically pleasing.

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