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I am trying to create a custom email template for the Pro Reports extensiton.I download the pro-report-email-default.php template and try to upload it into the /wp-content/uploads/mainwp/report-email-templates directory I am not able to. It appears that I do not have persmissions. What am I doing wrong here?

Hi Larry, thanks for reaching out.

You are not doing anything wrong, the process looks normal. Can you tell me what permissions do you have for the mentioned path, is it 775?

Thanks for your reply Bogdan, yes the ‘report-email-templates directory’ permissions are 755

Can you try with 775?

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I changed the file permissions of the ‘report-emil-templates’ directory to 775 but the result is the same:
wp-content/uploads/mainwp/report-email-templates/custom-email-default.php: open for write: permission denied
Error: File transfer failed

Hi Larry, thanks for verifying that.

Can you please contact your host support and have them recheck permissions, I am not sure why this happens, but it does look like a server-side problem to me.

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