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I’m quite happy with the Pro Report improvements, but there is something I notice.

I have 13 templates that I use, just because I have 13 clients and wanted specific template for each client. The main reason was that I wanted their logo to be on the cover of the report.

Now, considering the new informations available about SSL certificates, I realize that if I want to translate all the terms through “custom titles”, I need in fact to do it in all my templates separately. :sweat_smile:

Is there a way to achieve that with a bulk edit somewhere ? Otherwise I can’t image that I will have to go through each template everytime there is an update. Or maybe there is something I didn’t get …

Thank in advance !

Hi @wordpressman

Currently, it’s not possible to bulk-translate the title across all existing reports.

One possibility would be to fully translate one report and then duplicate it as many times as necessary.

However, this doesn’t need to be done with every update. Translations do not get wiped with Pro Reports updates.

The last Pro Report update is an exception because we’ve added a new field for SSL Monitor.
Every other extension already has its relevant field added so you shouldn’t expect big changes in that “Custom Titles” section.

Thanks for your answers Bojan !

One last question, to sure sure that I use the reports the best way:

I have made 1 report template / client, because I wanted to have their logo on the report cover, instead of having only the url.

Is there a way to acheive that only with one template ?
If not, do you think it could be on the roadmap ?

Thanks in advance…

Unfortunately, not right now. The logo must be defined per report, and the thought behind it is that most managers would put their agency’s logo there.

But please feel free to make a suggestion about this on our feedback site. That way, others can vote for it, letting us know which features our users want the most.

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