Pro Reports Trouble

I am struggling with have the Client Reports display the Sucuri scan results. How do I enable this?
Also is there a [Token] or [shortcode] that would display the Report date range that the report is created for?
This would help in personalizing the email that the client receives.

Here are the available Report Tokens - you may do a search for Sucuri tokens

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The default template has the Sucuri tokens included in the template but even after running a manual scan of the site the report does not include the results of the scan.
Would the Wordfence Extension show a report in the Client Reports?
I would really like to have a security extension included in my reports.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @larryjam

Wordfence token will give you a bit more information. Namely, whether an issue was detected and the issue count, but no additional information about the detected issues.

An example of details for a performed scan:
April 25, 2022 - Issues Detected
Scan complete. You have 1 new issue to fix. See below.

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