Problem with plugin MainWP KeyMaker

Hi there, help me please!

How can I create a key with keymaker to save multiple form submissions there at once, because the All in One WP plugin has many pages with settings and as I understand it, the KeyMaker plugin writes only one form… How to write all the settings?

Hi @nickline

MainWP Key Maker plugin can capture the post request from a single page only.

So you would have to create separate keys in the Bulk Settings Manager extension for those different settings pages.

You can then attach those keys to a single Key Ring so that it’s more convenient to manage or apply multiple keys related to a single plugin.

You can find more information about keyrings here:

And the rest of Bulk Settings Manager documentation is available here:

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Thanks i resolved problem “Invalid once” but i so can’t fill my checkbox. Wrongs are not exist, but my checkbox is empty… I checked all settings and keys, but not found the solution… Plugin which i use - All in One WP Security and i have problem only with this parameter.

You can try making a key just for that tab, “Manual approval” and the checkbox on it. And try saving only that key to a child site to see if it works.

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