Public key already set. Please deactivate & reactivate the MainWP Child plugin on the child site and try again

Hi, I know that there are already topics about this issue but disabling plugins and switching themes did not solve my issue. The site in question has moved to a new server, along with a handful of other sites that all connect well.

In the WP backend I also see this notification: " This site may not connect to your dashboard or may have other issues. Check your MainWP server information page [link]. The problem is when I click the link I get a “Sorry you are not allowed to access this page” message, which I assume is because in the MainWP white label settings the plugin is set to be hidden. But I can not unhide it because the site does not connect…

What else can I try please?

Additional info as I see this has been asked in another thread to be provided. When I check / click “Test Connection” the test it succesful and returns the correct IP - Received HTTP-code: 200 (OK)

Hi @Liquidambient

We have a tool that will reset your MainWP Child Site Plugin settings as if it was never installed.

Please find the plugin here: Reset MainWP Child Plugin setting to default.

Simply install this like a normal plugin ON THE CHILD SITE ONLY. Once activated it will do its thing and deactivate itself.

Please remove it for security reasons, after you are finished with the tool.

After that, please try reconnecting the child site to the Dashboard.

This tool will also reset the White Label settings so the link you mentioned should now be accessible if the message is still there.


Thank you! I will try that and update once done.

Hi, just an update here. The issue wasn’t any plugin at all but some server misconfiguration. Since this is solved MainWP connect correctly. Thanks and sorry for the false alarm!

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Thanks for updating the community, and I’m glad you managed to find the cause.

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