Public key already set

Since the last MainWP update I have a website that disconnects, which never disconnected before. Nothing changed on our side or the hosting. The error we get is : Public key already set. Please deactivate & reactivate the MainWP Child plugin on the child site and try again. (doing this does not help)

How to proceed?

It’s probably the same issue I just reported via Lots of disconnected sites after update of MainWP

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Hi @alainL

Can you check if the MainWP Child plugin is updated to the latest v4.5 version on that disconnected child site?

What is the OpenSSL Signature Algorithm that you have selected in the MainWP > Settings > Advanced Options page:

Thanks for your reply.
Yes the plugin is updated to the latest version and OpenSSL is OpenSSL_ALGO_SHA256

Got it working again, but not sure what was the issue.
I deleted the plugin from FTP and reuploaded the files. Then I deactivated and reactivated the plugin.
And then i was able to reconnect.

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That is unusual, but I’m glad you got it working.

And thank you for sharing the solution with the community.

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