Recent comments widget shows wrong site name

In the Recents Comments widget on the overview page after selecting the Pending filter, the site name is shown, but it’s the wrong name (from another site).


In this case it shows “Vrienden van Watergraafsmeer” but the comments are on other sites. The links are correct.
The names are the same as those shown in the Approved view, where they are correct, so it looks like they don’t get refreshed with the switch from Approved to Pending.

I’ve never used this before, so it could also be a bug that exists in v4.

Hey @josklever

Thanks for reporting this to us.

Your intuition is good, as this is not a bug with v5 but with the Comments extension.

We’ve identified the cause of the bug and in a couple of minutes will release Comments v4.0.9 with a fix.


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